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Hey GCR Cowboys!

Thanks for the enthusiasm y'all have shown to We appreciate the great pics you have posted and hope you continue to post more. This is your chance to show off everything you love about dressing like, looking at, a just being a cowboy.

What is it about a cowboy that drives you nuts? For me it's the sexy shit kickin' boots, a tight wrangler butt on a dusty saddle, a smokin' hot cowboy who's an animal in the sack and likes it ROUGH (at least my cowboy does).  Tell us what you like or, better yet, show us!  Use your profile picture gallery to share your newest boots, your throbbing bulge, or even just a nice smile under a wide-brimmed stetson. And don't forget - there are no filters here. Show us as little or as much as you like. The success of this website depends on your involvement so be sure to not only post pics, but to invite friends, post comments, and sharing what's happening in your neck of the woods.

Here's a picture of me showing my boots off on the stairs. Enjoy!

Giddy up GCR Cowboys!




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