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This award-winning doco is a crowd-pleasing feature about the not often explored world of gay rodeos. LGBT enthusiasts of the sport – who express the feeling of being unwelcome in the traditional macho rodeo circuit early on in the film – started their own International Gay Rodeo Association in 1985. Though interest has waned through the years, with the riders getting older and few young members signing up, they still compete with ferocity and delight, traveling around America.

It's the personalities that truly shine throughout this film - the protagonist is Wade Earp who travels thousands of miles every year competing in every heat imaginable, and there's also Char Duran, the perpetual underdog, who has been bull riding for 14 years with no wins in sight and time working against her to claim a buckle before she's aged out of the race. There's even the cocky Renier, a handsome winner with a sly remark always on hand. cipro

The IGRA is a comfort to these people with a passion for riding and nowhere else to do it competitively, and we're often reminded of the lingering homophobia at large in the occasional obscured faces of behind-the-scenes workers asking not to be shown on camera. Winner of Best Documentary and Audience Awards at Santa Barbara International Film Festival, this is a not-to-be-missed insight into a unique and inclusive world. Watch...

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